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From Cradle to Grave–Laboratory Waste Management [VHS]

From Cradle to Grave--Laboratory Waste Management [VHS]Muckraker reporter Corey Hazard is sure that he will find
examples of shoddy hazardous waste management practices in Elise
McMillan’s lab. But the only thing he uncovers is how scrupulously
Elise and her lab technicians observe hazardous waste management
regulations-and reduce disposal costs to boot!


What Federal Regulations Govern Handling and Disposal of Hazardous Chemical Waste.
The Rules for Satellite Accumulation of Hazardous Wastes.
How to Determine If a Waste is Hazardous.
Why It’s So Important to Maintain an Accurate Inventory of All Wastes Generated and to Label All Reaction Byproducts.
How to Minimize Hazardous Waste.
The Optimum Methods of Packaging Waste for Disposal.
How to Select a Waste Disposal Contractor.

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