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Is Hiring a Skip Sustainable?

Skip hire isn’t simply about consigning huge volumes of waste to landfill. Companies offering this service have certain responsibilities, not least that they should make every effort to properly dispose of all products. This means sorting general waste from recyclable materials and ensuring that it is all disposed of effectively; so is it sustainable?

The skip hire company will often have a special sorting site to remove any items that can be recycled. This means that things aren’t unnecessarily consigned to landfill, which does help the sustainability of skip hire hugely. In fact, in many instances, after sorting out all of the waste, you’ll often find that the majority is actually able to be recycled – this of course is far more environmentally friendly.

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A skip is a great way of removing a huge volume of waste from a site without having to make numerous journeys to the local waste refuse centre. So if you’re doing a house clearance, a little bit of building work or any other task that is likely to create its fair share of debris, it’s the ideal way to get it removed without ferrying back and forth continuously.

Again, this adds to the sustainability of the entire process. Not only is it faster but you won’t be constantly driving between your site and the local dump – therefore lowering the emissions being generated during your work. This might only be a partial saving, but little factors like this do plenty to add to the sustainability of the process as a whole.

Convenience is obviously one of the major draws of skip hire. It is an affordable way of keeping a clear site and getting rid of all unneeded rubbish. Your only issue is ensuring that you have the necessary permits (if it is being left in a public location), arranging a drop-off time and making sure there’s space for it. Once it’s on site, you can get on with clearing away the rubbish and await collection.

Builders, tradesmen and home owners often call on the services of skip hire companies to deal with their waste management. It’s a logical step. You do have to be a little careful with what you throw away though. There are certain hazardous materials that many providers won’t accept; these include chemicals, solvents, tyres, paint, asbestos and batteries.

The reason why these materials and other appliances, such as monitors and freezers, aren’t accepted is purely down to the ease with which it can be dealt with. More often than not these will need to be properly separated and dealt with responsibly – this can take time and cost money. More often than not, the skip hire company will stipulate what you can’t throw away and if they do find these within the container they may refuse to collect or charge you extra for proper disposal.

So with all things considered, skip hire is an extremely sustainable way of dealing with your waste. It cuts down on pollution and unnecessary landfill tipping. Your rubbish can be properly sorted and dealt with in a way that is environmentally friendly and efficient.

Vincent Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For professional waste management services, plant hire and Skip For Hire UK services he recommends Nationwide Hire.

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  1. I completely agree with the article skip hire services is the right way to dispose off the commercial and domestic waste with ease and stress free manner.

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  2. We appreciate your efforts in writing such a detailed post on Skip Hire. A skip is a great way of removing a huge volume of waste from a site without having to make numerous journeys to the local waste refuse center. Your post covers each and every aspect Of Skip Hire.
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  3. You have explained every single thing related to hiring a skip and i fully agree with everything what you have written. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Appreciated.

    • Rashid Rabin
    • 22 July 2021

    To hire a skip, all you need to do is call the company and provide them with the necessary information. There is always an affordable skip receptacle for you, regardless of whether it is designed for construction garbage or household rubbish. One common misconception regarding skip bins is that they are only for larger amounts of garbage. This is incorrect because skips may also be utilised for little amounts of rubbish. A small receptacle the size of a compartment may be sent to your location right away. It is also more sustainable to use a compact skip.

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