The 5 Golden Rules by Which You Should Judge Your Local Waste Facilities

Golden rules are quite special rules that one should always keep in mind and not forget. They're really important and useful guideposts to help you keep focussed and going in the right direction.

Find your Golden Rule, follow its star-like unwavering truth and become guided by it. Whatever your main goal or task, there will be a Golden Rule that applies that will assist you in keeping yourself on track.

Here are 5 of the best Golden Rules that connect with the issue of ratepayer value from their local authority waste facilities.

Golden Rule # 1, is that the waste facility whether it be a Household Waste Recycling Facility (HWRC), a Landfill accepting Household Waste, or other public waste facility such as a Bottle (Bring) Bank (for Bottle Recycling), or a Green or Garden Waste Composting facility open to the public to accept suitable waste, or any other waste facility accepting waste/providing a service to the public, is long opening hours.

The key reason why long opening hours are needed, is that people quite often cannot dispose of their waste during normal office hours. Remember, there are people who need little excuse to fly tip their rubbish in quiet spots all over our towns and countryside. Let's not give them any excuse to do that..

Golden Rule # 2, The should be ample opportunity for the public to recycle their waste at all waste reception sites. You should be aware that the public are being encouraged to recycle more of their rubbish, all around the world. And you'll want to take into account that your local authority should be encouraging recycling and they should provide good facilities to help the local people achieve recycling.

Golden Rule # 3, There should be no direct charge to the private users of waste facilities. Businesses, however, are differently treated and should be charged the true cost of disposing of the waste they deposit. This is in our view a good idea because municipal waste sites are funded by the local ratepayers for the health of the community. Waste left dumped and uncollected is as big a health hazard, as say, polluted water – for the general community. The way to prevent that is to allow free use to individuals when disposing waste to municipal waste facilities.

Golden Rule # 4, The managers of all waste-facilities should be given targets for minimizing the quantity of waste they send to landfill. To make this happen some might suggest linking their bonus pay to the waste diversion rate (by recycling), that they achieve, against a set target

Golden Rule # 5, Whatever else happens at any waste facility, the paramount concern must be that it is done safely. These can be dangerous places, and with big wheeled-plant moving around there is potential for people to become crushed, or fall into skips etc. This could be important to you personally as a user of your local waste facility.

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Golden Rule # 6, You can accomplish this by very careful design of each waste reception location, coupled with clear training given to the site operatives and suitable supervision, plus close control of the public while they are using the facility.

It can be very important since it would be wrong for anyone to be injured while recycling their waste in a waste facility. We all bear a responsibility to look after others. This may entail you helping the waste management facility staff when they seek to give you instructions to control you, as a member of the public, while they are using the facility.

This could be really critical because as we already said, but will repeat again to make this point clear, for anyone to be injured while recycling their waste in a suitable facility, and especially anyone reading this, would be very unfortunate.

If citizens follow these golden rules to recognize ratepayer value from their local authority waste sites, you'll find life easier for the community, your town's or cities progress toward high recycling rates more rapidly and your communities successes more pronounced and frequent.

Uncover ways to understand more fully the service provided at Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs), or other public waste facility such as a Bottle Bank (for Bottle Recycling), or a Green or Garden Waste Composting facility, by visiting this waste facilities web site.

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