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Call for papers for Philadelphia Conference on Solid Waste

The 22nd International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management

Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A.
March 18 – 21, 2007

Has put out a call For papers:

Researchers, educators, government officials, students, consultants, managers, community leaders, and others with expertise in solid waste are invited to submit papers for oral presentation at the Conference.

Abstracts are encouraged from all areas of solid waste technology and management, including: Landfilling topics, Recycling, Energy recovery and thermal treatment, Waste reduction, Economics, Policy, Regulations, Facility siting, Public involvement, EU Directives,  Solid waste, dust, Ash, Education, Household hazardous wastes, Municipal wastes,     Waste composition studies, Industrial wastes, Composting and biological treatment, Contaminated sites, Medical wastes, Chemical and biochemical treatment,
Mining and mineral wastes, Agricultural wastes, Scrap tires, Research topics, Modeling, Utilization of waste materials, Case studies, Innovative technologies, Waste collection , Waste generation studies, Integrated waste management, Equipment, Sludge, Environmental impacts, Use of waste materials in construction, Geotechnical topics, Environmental equity, Construction and demolition wastes, Liners, caps, gas and leachate, Waste in Developing Regions. All other related topics.

More information is available here, and you have until 30 October to submit your abstract.

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