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Protocol hailed as major step forward for composting

Waster says: At last UK organic waste derived compost producers look like gaining a well deserved opportunity to escape the “waste” classification for their compost products, if this consultation becomes part of the UK regulations.

A quality protocol developed by the Environment Agency and WRAP will see composters making a product that is not classified as waste – as long as they keep to production criteria which includes meeting publicly available standards, writes Emily Ross of Let’s Recycle.

The protocol has just been issued by the two organisations and is out for consultation until the beginning of December. Both WRAP and the Environment Agency see it as a major breakthrough in raising the status of compost.

 Businesses will no longer have to class the compost they produce as waste. This reduces the need to comply with waste regulations.

Tricia Henton, Environment Agency said: “For producers to deliver what the organisations call “quality compost”, four key criteria have to be met. These refer to input materials, the use of a standard throughout the process – including outputs – and that the “quality compost” is used in designated market sectors.”

Use of the Quality Protocol would mean composting businesses would no longer have to class the compost they produce as “waste” and face the strict environmental controls needed for wastes.

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