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UK Government Think Tank Calls For Pay as You Throw

The Waste says: Britain bottom of the heap for recycling, but many the UK popular papers focussed critically on local authority waste officers as the main perpetrators of the idea of “pay as you throw”, with some writers coupling previous complaints about alternating fortnightly food waste collections with recyclables, and “pay to throw” in a very negative light. Unfortunately, the origin of the EU targets which are the real drivers appeared to have been forgotten by the commentators.

Waste for Recycling in a Container The Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR), a leading UK think tank, has called for the introduction of pay as you throw waste charging schemes as the best way to meet recycling targets and move towards zero waste to landfill. The study produced with Green Alliance received large amounts of coverage in the media on Sunday and Monday with various headlines from Britain as among the worst at recycling in Europe through to Big Brother fears over bin bugs.

Britain bottom of the heap for recycling – read more from the Instutute of Public Policy Research (IPPR)


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