An Introduction to the Management of Wastes

The UK's top Waste Management professional body the CIWM is running the following course which should be of interest to many who read this blog.

Venue: Northamptonshire UK, 23 -25 February 2010

‘I found the content really informative, as a beginner in waste it was a great course'
Lorraine Milan, Finance Officer – Surrey County Council

Are you required to deal with your company's waste? Are you new to the waste industry or need to understand the waste industry in order to change career paths?

This course will provide those new to the management of wastes with an introduction to sustainable waste management within the UK and an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of those involved from waste production to ultimate disposal.

What's in it for me?

By the end of the course you will:

• understand the importance of the management of wastes and the relationship to sustainable development
• appreciate the principles of best practice with respect to wastes management, and the relationship to the conservation of resources, and the risk of pollution
• have an understanding of the national waste strategy and the principal legislative and fiscal controls related to wastes management
• appreciate the nature and scope of the wastes management industry and understand the duties, responsibilities and powers of those involved in the management of wastes
• understand the sources of wastes, their nature and classification in the UK and Europe
• understand the options available for the minimisation, recovery, re-use, treatment and disposal of wastes
• appreciate the systems of collection, transport and transfer of wastes
• understand the hazards posed by wastes during their collection, storage, transport, treatment and disposal, and how these risks can be minimised.

This course is designed for anyone needing an overview of sustainable waste management. This includes waste producing businesses, planners, regulators and waste management industry personnel.

A more practitioner-based course aimed at waste management industry personnel ‘Practical Waste Management' is also available.

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Structured Education and Training: CPD Hours: 18 Hours

View the course programme: T: +44 (0)1604 620426 E: W:

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