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WRAP forecasts ‘considerable’ rise in food waste collections

(24.08.06) Let’s Recycle News Item:

Food waste collection is set to become a significant expansion area for local authorities according to a report from the Waste and Resources Action Programme. And, WRAP says that running such schemes will make it easier to introduce fortnightly collections.

Highlighting the importance of the collection of organics to local authorities, the guidance document notes that in England during 2003/04, the collection of green waste overtook the collection of waste paper and board.

50% of organics
Now, WRAP suggests that in a similar way there is potential for food waste collection to grow. It notes that food waste makes up 50% of organics material generated by households and about 20% – six million tonnes – of total household waste arisings.

The study states that while in comparison to green waste, collections of food waste in the UK are in relative infancy, “considerable expansion is expected in the next 10 years as a means of contributing to Landfill Directive targets.”

WRAP ‘s work on encouraging councils to start food waste collections is coming about because the organisation is targeting organic material to help Defra in its work to increase the diversion of biodegradable materials from landfill. More here …

The Wasters view: Anaerobic Digestion needs the high methane yield of food waste. Green waste etc is fine, but for the economics of AD to work a more methane intensive waste such as a food waste supply is needed. This announcement from WRAP is therefore good news for AD enthusiasts.

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