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Islands Research Publish Report on Island Waste Management

Waste report thumbnailIsland Waste Management: Helen Crabb of the World Island Network has emailed the Waster with details of their new waste management report, which will no doubt be essential reading for those engaged on island waste management.

Their release blurb states:

… many island nations collaborated to tackle the accelerating problem of waste management.

Island governments from European, Caribbean, Atlantic, Pacific and Indian waters manage their waste through insufficient landfill zones with 96% stressing an “urgent need” for an alternative.

The problem is now as serious as sea level rises, over-fishing, water shortages and disaster response.

WIN’s report is a breakthrough, providing island policymakers and subject specialists with invaluable resource materials that include in-depth analysis and comment on successful and unsuccessful waste management strategies.

Their web site can be found here Island Waste Network, Waste Report.

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