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Waste Mining will be New Mining Industry for the East Midlands?

Waste Mining: The East Midlands could enjoy a thriving mining industry again, but rather than coal, in the future it will be waste that’s mined. This is ccording to ADAS, the UK’s largest provider of rural and environmental solutions and policy advice, in a recent News release.

As the availability of landfill space becomes limited, reopening sites to recover recyclable products could become an attractive option. Jackie Evans, ADAS’ director for the East Midlands explained: ‘This region, and in particular, areas of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, have a rich coal mining heritage.

It is entirely feasible that over the next 35 years, we could see mining return to our region but this time for recoverable waste. More here…

The Waster agrees that in theory the principle is OK. But, the reality will be less so.

What about all those odours and the EA regulatory requirements regarding licensing and IPPC permitting which arise? Just think of the liabilities that any waste mining organisation would be taking on with the inevitable PPC permit required if any waste at all was returned to the site.

The Wasters understanding is that the full range of CURRENT Environmental regulations would be applied to a mined landfill. On top of those barriers to landfill mining we now have the DSEA Regulations, and apart from hazards arising from the landfill gas present durng excavation, the EA would I suspect hold concerns about the venting to atmosphere of the methane which would be lost to atmosphere during the mining operations.


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