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Pitsea Landform Revisions & MBT Plant Progress to Planning Application Stage

Cleanaway has submitted proposals to revise the landform at Pitsea and to install a waste pre-treatment facility.

A planning application was submitted on the 30th June to Essex County Council to modify the contours of the landform being created by landfilling at the Pitsea Waste Management Facility.  The modifications to the design are needed to manage the effects of changes in the wastes received as a result of recycling initiatives.  Technical problems associated with landfill gas control and surface water drainage that would otherwise result, will be resolved by the re-design of the final landform based on a new sophisticated computer settlement model.

In addition, the application includes a waste treatment process, generically known as mechanical and biological treatment (MBT).  This is necessary because all waste will have to be treated before being accepted at landfills from October 2007.  The facility would also help waste disposal authorities meet stringent legal requirements for the diversion of biodegradable waste from landfill.



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