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IWES Anaerobic Digestion Training Course (7 Sept.)

Anaerobic Digestion – Principles and Applications

This course will equip you with fundamental and practical knowledge ofanaerobic treatment processes. Given the right tools and the right knowledge, anaerobic digesters can be as easily designed and operated as aerobic treatment systems. This course will give you both.
Anaerobic high rate processes offer a huge potential to reduce the energy requirement of waste treatment systems, while producing a renewable energy source (biogas). As such, they contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. There is now in excess of 2000 anaerobic wastewater treatment systems worldwide, and many more systems for sludge and manure digestion.

 IWES Courses

Engineers, scientists and managers with an interest in anaerobic digesters and/or responsible for managing industrial liquid effluents.

For more information click Anaerobic Digestion Events & Training Page.

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