Encouraging Recycling Quality of Service Matters

It is heartening to see that WRG's values are well enough grounded in the basic essentials which in the end are so important to raise recycling rates, that they publicise individual successes by the staff at the sites they develop and run, and that they have issued the press release duplicated below.

However, the Waster especially commends WRG and it's WRG's Site staff for the survey in which; “…99% rated it as “good or very good” and 94% said that they had found staff helpful during their visit”.

Something really quite special is being achieved, and public recycling rates can only be improved as a result.

Press Release:
Public “thumbs-up” for Smallmead recycling centre

The new state-of-the-art Smallmead Household Waste Recycling Centre in Reading has been given a huge thumbs up by the people that matter most – the residents who use it.

A recent customer satisfaction survey of people visiting the facility – which is managed by Waste Recycling Group Ltd (WRG) on behalf of the re3 Partnership – found that 99% rated it as “good or very good” and 94% said that they had found staff helpful during their visit.

The centre opened to the public in January this year and has been developed by the Central Berkshire Waste Partnership known as re3. It replaced the former civic amenity facility on the same site, and customer satisfaction rates show significant year on year increases in all areas.

“This is a great result for re3 and the Smallmead team and emphasises the benefits of good customer service,” said Mike Snell, WRG’s General Manager of External Affairs. “WRG are proud to be part of a partnership whose facilities are so well regarded, and we are committed to developing all of our services for local authorities and residents alike.”

re3's household waste recycling centre at Smallmead is an indoor, all-weather facility which makes it easier for local people to recycle more of their waste. Unwanted items can be deposited over a low-height wall or directly into containers, making it more convenient and safer for people to recycle. There are also facilities to recycle new materials like light bulbs, household batteries and printer cartridges.

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The site – open seven days a week between 8am and 6pm – has also improved the flow of traffic and eased traffic congestion, which used to blight the old civic amenity site.

The re3 project was set up nine years ago between Bracknell Forest, Reading and Wokingham borough councils and in 2006 they signed a Private Finance Initiative contract with WRG to develop and manage waste solutions over the next 25 years.

Earlier this year, as part of the PFI contract, re3 have also began redevelopment works at the Longshot Lane Civic Amenity Site in Bracknell. The works are due to continue until summer 2009, and have led to restricted opening times for residents using the site. Despite this, 82% of visitors to the site rated it as either good or very good. The full release is here.

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