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Waster Awarded CIWM Medal

The Waster could not resist this one! Please excuse the blatant self publicity, and the fact that it has taken over a month to get hold of the picture file – which makes this rather old News…

During the CIWM Dinner in June, Steve Last (Waster), Howard Robinson, and Jonty Olufsen were awarded the James Jackson Medal for 2005.

Left to right: The Waster, Howard Robinson, CIWM President Keith Simmonite, and Jonty Olufsen receive the James Jackson Medal.

Left to right: Steve Last, Howard Robinson, CIWM President Keith Simmonite, and Jonty Olufsen.

The James Jackson Medal for 2005 was awarded to the best paper presented to a meeting of the Institution, for our combined paper, Design and Operation of Cost Effective Leachate Treatment Systems at UK Landfills: Recent Case Studies, as included in CIWM’s Scientific and Technical Review.

If anyone wants a copy of the paper emailed to them email us at . Also visit our leachate web site .

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