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What a “Waster”! My new Blog’s First Entry

This is a historical post from the archive of this website, way back in 2006.

I have been working in the waste management consultancy for 20 years, and I still am, but I wanted a blog in which I can muse upon the transition from waste (tips, rubbish, dumps etc) to the whole new world of waste as a resource.

So here it is!

In Europe the parodign shift is underway, and although for this last twenty years I have rejoiced in being called a “waster”, for how long will this continue?

Not for long in the UK where I am based, will I be likely to call myself a “waste management consultant”.

Similarly, I think that this will be the case for my colleagues in many countries throughout Europe, as they implement the necessary changes to minimise the tonnage of waste to landfill.

We are set to reduce the environmental impact of landfill and other waste emissions, with the aim of becoming as “sustainable” as possible.

I the process we will try to at least put a limit on global warming rates.

I hope that at least a few of you will visit read, and comment upon my musings, links, and resources over the next months as I build this blog.

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