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Health and Safety Executive targeting the waste and recycling industry

For all UK readers (but the checklist may be useful almost anywhere):-

I have received the following which may be of interest, use, etc:

‘Best Practice’ Guidance on Health and Safety for the Waste Industry

The Health and Safety Executive has recently targeted the waste and recycling industry due to an increased number of fatal and serious accidents that have occurred during collection and management of municipal waste (especially in recycling activities).

An HSE safety alert was issued in March 2006 after 9 deaths occurred in the industry in the first 8 weeks of this year.  Notably, the HSE has launched a 3 year intervention with the waste industry that will involve inspections of both private companies and local authorities to assess waste activities.

An extremely useful checklist is published on the HSE waste website listing those points that an inspector will look for.  To view the checklist, click here

This gives industry a useful audit tool ahead of any inspection.

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