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Cabbage Stalks in Waste: Man Considered Recycling Offender

Cabbage stalks prompt garbage penalty
NORWICH, England, May 18 (UPI) —

Officials in Norwich, England, have tagged a man as a repeat recycling offender for placing cabbage stalks in his waste bin, the 73-year-old says.

Barry Freezer said after he placed the stalks of his homegrown cabbage into his garden waste bin, trash officials refused to empty the refuse container and he was cited as a problematic recycler under current regulations, The Daily Mail said Sunday.

Current recycling regulations state that any garden waste cannot be mixed with any kitchen waste which could have come into contact with meat.

Freezer maintains the fact his cabbage his homegrown should be proof enough that the stalks never made it into the kitchen.

“When did you last buy a cabbage with a stalk at a supermarket? It should be obvious that this was garden waste that never came into contact with the kitchen,” he said.

Freezer told the Mail that local authorities had not responded to his letter regarding the situation, which he says has become commonplace.

“The system is ridiculously complicated. People like me will be making ‘mistakes’ all the time. I could burn my garden waste but it’s not good for the environment,” Freezer said.


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