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Ben Bradshaw confirms: authorities which exceed their landfill allowances will be fined

Ben Bradshaw spoke at the Beacon Council learning exchange in London this week (12th July).

In his speech, the Minister for Waste Management, confirmed that authorities which exceeded their landfill allowances would be fined. He also asked for views from local authorities as to the potential impact of allowing household charging schemes.

In his speech he said:

“The consultation on the review of England’s waste strategy that we published earlier this year set out our proposed vision and objectives for more sustainable waste management.
There are three important themes to this:

Firstly we need to produce less waste in the first place. We have made limited progress in breaking the link between waste creation and economic growth. We need to put more emphasis on buying and making products that create less waste and in providing the right signals to achieve this.

Secondly, we need a more joined up approach to waste, especially in the way we deal with waste treated by local authorities and waste that comes from business.

Thirdly, and most importantly for securing long-term sustainability, we need to shift our thinking towards treating waste more clearly as a resource. Materials that have been left over after they have been first used by household or businesses should be seen not so much as a problem but far more as an opportunity for re-use or conversion into whatever form will give us the most economic, social and environmental gains.”

The speech can be viewed in full at the link below:

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