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Treasure from Trash – Landfill Mining Conference September UK

Global Landfill Mining
Conference and Exhibition

London Wednesday 17 September 2008

‘Treasure from Trash’

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From its origins in the 1950s, Landfill Mining is an idea whose time has come. Even aside from their valuable methane resources, landfills should now be seen as valuable repositories for a wealth of higher value materials. Landfill mining can recover valuable metals, produce high quality fertiliser and construction materials, and can make available real-estate that was once considered lost forever.

Attendence will allow landfill operators to extend their business models, and to extract the maximum value from their assets. Networking opportunities at the event will be superb, and the adjacent exhibition will allow operators to source the most cost-effective equipment and advice for landfill mining and monetisation.


Crucial information

This conference and exhibition will give delegates the latest information on the following crucial areas:

• Legislative status of landfills and future legislative trends;

• Reclamation versus mining;

• What’s in our landfills (and how has it changes since burial)?;

• Methane evolution and monetisation;

• The mechanics of landfill mining: Recovery, separation and beneficiation

• Product-stream utilisation and monetisation

• Post-mining site remediation and value optimisation

Who will attend?

Local authorities • Landfill operators • Legislators • Stakeholders • Equipment providers • Academics • Hydrologists •

Resource users including Cement producers • Lime producers • Power producers • Metals producers • Chemicals producers •


Visit the GLM Conference web site, click here.

Waster: The word is that if you are quick there may still be time to put in abstracts for good relevant papers.

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