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Site Waste Management Plans No Longer a UK Legal Requirement

Update: Please note that Site Waste Management Plan preparation requirements have been repealed by the UK government and there is no UK Legal Requirement to produce them.

The original article follows:

Are any of our subscribers UK construction contractors?

If so, are you ready for the new requirement for compulsory Site Waste Management Plans (SWMPs)?

The Waster has been trying to get his head around the new requirements and has posted a video to the Landfill-Site Web Site for general use. OK, all this information is available on official web sites, so this is nothing new, but if you like you information presented in a video, rather than to read it cold from a web page, then you may want to watch this.

Is this style of video useful? Is the Waster’s presentation crap?! The Waster would like to know!! (Comment on YouTube by clicking through to YouTube.com, or comment here on the blog. Be gentle!)

View the video at SWMPS at The Landfill Site here, or at my Hubpages SWMPS hub.

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