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Methane to Markets: The basic information

Methane to Markets is a US initiative to increase the number of Energy from Waste plants installed worldwide. The first tranche of funding is around $50 million so it is not huge, but give it time and this scheme may be able to help many EfW projects through the initial project stages into viability.

At the present most of the activity is taking place in selecting partner consultancies with experience in the selected priority countries who will then start to work up suitable projects for assistance, which may be funding, or it may be assistance in other ways.

It is good to see the US getting involved in this way in the effort to combat climate change.

We have taken the opportunity to summarise this information for you, on our new Anaerobic Digestion web site, Methane to Markets page. You will also find a link to the Official Methane to Markets web site, for more information and reports, feedback etc.

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