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SITA Energy-from-Waste Plans for Cornwall Energy Recovery Plant

In Cornwall, SITA as the County Council’s PPP Waste Contractor, is now 12 months into their circa. 20 year contract and they are progressing the planning stages to develop an energy recovery centre near St Dennis, in the centre of the county

The waste centre will be called the Cornwall Energy Recovery Plant (CERC) and will burn residual waste and generate electricity which will be exported to the National Grid and heat which will be exported to local industry.

Energy-from-Waste (EfW) describes a number of technologies that extract value from waste. The benefit of this type of waste management is that value is recovered from waste that would otherwise be sent to landfill. The power generated is classed as a renewable energy and replaces fossil fuel energy production.

While they are developing the planning application for the Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre (CERC). At the same time they are taking part in a Community Liaison Group which provides local people and organisations with the opportunity to find out more about the proposals and to input their views into the planning application.

SITA held a pre-application exhibition at two venues near to the proposed site in January. Near to 500 people came along to see the plans, meet the experts and designers, ask questions and express their views.

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