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Council Admits that Some Recycling Was Taken to Landfill

By Chris Wickham (Richmond and Twickenham Times, UK)
Three truck loads of recycling materials were taken to landfill by the council’s contractors, the borough’s environment chief admitted this week, just days after he described the claims as a myth.

Two weeks ago Councillor Martin Elengorn, Richmond Council cabinet member for environment, strongly denied materials put out for recycling were being tipped into the ground.

But this week he said Veolia, which collects rubbish and recycling for Richmond Council, took three loads of mixed recycling to a waste transfer station in Brentford rather than to Greenwich, where it would have been sorted and recycled.

Coun Elengorn said the contractors had acted against instructions and it would not happen again, as a section of the council depot in Twickenham had been set aside to leave materials if time was short in the future. More …

The Waster at first wondered whether there was some devious re-routing of recycling materials taking place here. However, as so often in local press stories, there was nothing untoward taking place at all.

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