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Conference dedicated to averting a potential crisis in waste management

The conference is “Deriving Energy from Waste” – 19 October 2006, The Oval, London.

It’s time for all reformed “wasters” (reformed landfill professionals), and those joining the waste management profession to get their “gloves off”, and work out how to get the new generation of waste processing facilities which are essential to the nations compliance with the EU requirements for diversion of waste from landfill, off the drawing board/CAD screen, built, and operational in time.

This conference has been designed to be a hands-on session to selecting EfW processes, and getting them permitted.  The conference is organised by Materials Recycling Week/Emap.

I have taken the following from the Materials Recycling Weekly web site at

“The UK faces a potential crisis in waste management. The Government has committed to reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. Coupled with the results from the Waste Strategy Review which are expected to push energy from waste up the agenda, the responsibility falls to you to implement the changes that will see these ambitious targets being achieved.

Materials Recycling Week has put together a comprehensive guide to Deriving Energy from Waste to enable you to understand, plan, promote and undertake the radical transformations required in your authority’s waste management strategy.

This top-level event will assist you in your drive to divert municipal waste from landfill, maintain your recycling levels and reduce carbon emissions. It will detail funding options and how to generate valuable heat and electricity along the way.

Attend this essential event to hear from experts in this fast developing field, including Defra and:

  • Philip Nicholas, Chief Executive, Inetec
  • Martin Sides, Energy Centre Manager, London Waste
  • Tony Lewis, Business Development Manager, EarthTech UK
  • Alan Burnett, Director for Waste Management, Fire Service and Social Services, 4Ps

A stimulating combination of practical case studies and informative, factual sessions will provide you with critical guidance on subjects such as:

  • Managing the negative perception of EfW in the media and your community
  • How to successfully obtain planning permission for waste to energy plants by delivering detailed, bankable plans
  • The Central Government view of developments in legislation and EU targets
  • The real impact of waste treatment plants on carbon emissions and climate change.”
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