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UK Landfill Will Soon Be More Expensive Than Using New Waste Facilities

UK Landfill Gate Charges Will Soon Become More Expensive than Waste Treatment in Waste Facilities

The campaign which started in 2000 to enable the UK to comply with the EU landfill waste reduction targets, reaches a tipping point soon.

Until now we have seen a continuing onslaught of regulations to improve landfill practices and also to comply with various EU regulations (such as the recent WEEE regs), almost without exception these have increased the cost of landfill. Even those measures that have diverted waste away form landfill tend to increase landfill prices, as the reduction in volume delivered to the gate itself reduces economies of scale at the landfill where fixed cost of staff salaries also tend to remain static.

We have another new “nail in the coffin for landfill” in force this month, with (as from 1 November) the pre-treatment regulations have made it impossible to take mixed waste direct to landfill.

But, the big one comes next year, when the landfill tax will rise by £8 per year, again, on the way to take it to £48 per tonne by 2011.

Now that pretreatment requirements are in-force, they will become more stringent with time, and the obvious place to do much of this pretreatment will be in purpose-built waste facilities.

These factors coming into play will soon result in the economic conclusion that building new waste processing facilities will provide waste disposal/recycling/re-use cheaper than sending waste to landfill. This is the long-awaited tipping point for landfill. Continue to read the article here.

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