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Majority of Councils “Need to take action” to Hit Landfill Diversion Targets

In fact 72% of councils “need to take action” to reduce their waste tonnages being sent to landfill in order to meet the EU’s targets.

These are the waste disposal authorities in England that need to do more to meet their targets for reducing the amount of biodegradable waste going to landfill, the Environment Agency has said.

But, new figures for the financial year 2006/07 suggest councils are on course to meet landfill targets up to 2020 if current trends continue.

The Agency published the figures within an update report on the Landfill Allowance Trading Scheme (LATS), which shows that all 121 disposal authorities in England kept within their allocated allowances for landfilling biodegradable waste last year.

LATS was introduced in 2005 to make sure England meets it targets under the European Landfill Directive. The first target under the legislation requires the UK to reduce biodegradable waste sent to landfill to 75% of 1995 levels by 2010 or face financial penalties. The targets are 50% by 2013 and 35% by 2020.

However, the figures suggest that even if current trends continue for the reduction in landfilling, the period around 2013 could still prove difficult.

And, indeed the Agency report suggested that 72% of disposal authorities in England will need to do more if the 2010 targets are to be hit.

It said:

“Current indications are that unless there is a significant change in: a) reducing the amount of municipal waste produced, and b) increasing the amount of BMW diverted, trading alone is unlikely to help England meet all three of the Landfill Directive targets. Currently 88 out of 121 local authorities will need to take action to ensure they comply with the scheme in 2009/10. They will need to divert more BMW from landfill or purchase allowances to ensure they comply.”

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