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Don’t Forget the LARAC Conference – But Are These Really Hot Topics?

It’s coming soon – it is a major event and it is on 14th and 15th November, in Telford, UK, and the keynote address will be given by Ben Bradshaw MP, Environment Minister, Defra.

Tailor-made to provide solutions to the UK’s biggest waste problems, the LARAC Conference 2007 offers practical and strategic guidance to transform your ability to reduce, recycle and recover waste. Featuring a full programme of presentations from top industry experts and site visits to cutting-edge plants, LARAC 2007 is the must-attend recycling and waste management event of the year.

They have a new format which includes “Hot Topics”.

Is this real or is it hype? Well if you look at the hot topics I find it surprising that one of these is “Media training: Think like the press!, and another is “Crisis Management: How should you handle a media crisis?”.

Well, OK the second could be a hot topic if your project was receiving a lot of bad press, but neither would come under my definition of a “Hot Topic” for the Resource & Waste Management Industry professionals attending, because these are both off-subject.

Or, is public relations really in such a parlous state in our local authorities, that these issues really are “Hot Topics”, and need a large airing in an otherwise technical conference?

So, LARAC is a conference not to be missed but please tell us, or keep on topic with your hot topics!! The Waster. Book LARAC here…

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