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Benefits of Composting to Agriculture – Conference

One Day Conference

25th October 2007 • The Source, Sheffield

There are two great challenges facing land use management over next decade: i) the control of diffuse pollution in order to meet the requirements of both the Water Framework Directive and the water industry; and, ii) the need to address the fall in soil organic levels that has occurred over the last 60years due to grassland being ploughed and used for arable cropping. This latter requirement may, in the future, form part of the Soil Framework Directive.

Society also has the massive challenge of moving from the present system that exploits landfilling for the disposal of all our wastes regardless of whether they are organic or non organic, to a system that values waste as a resource. We currently landfill approximately 10 to 15 million tonnes of organic waste each year and this cannot continue as landfill capacity diminishes; it is also a huge waste of what could be turned into a valuable resource.

During this event we will be considering some of the solutions to these issues. Although they may not fit all  circumstances and on their own they will not solve all of the problems outlined above, SORP believes that on-farm composting and the use of compost in a sustainable way will make a significant contribution towards reducing diffuse pollution by reducing the need for artificial fertilizers. In turn, by reducing the need for carbon based fertilizer, this may help towards mankind’s greatest challenge, combating climate change, whilst still feeding a growing world population. It will also stop the decline in soil organic levels and over time may even help to improve these.

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