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43% of Waste Technologies “Unproven” in United Kingdom

Almost half of waste treatment solutions on the UK market have not been “proven” to work effectively, a newly-published report has revealed.

Gloucestershire-based consultancy firm Juniper analysed around 300 processes offered by companies across 25 countries for the report, as well as the individual companies offering the technology.

It said the aim was to provide an “independent assessment” of the strength of various processes to help the public and private sector select potential bidders for contracts.

The consultants have rated the various technologies as either “fully proven”, which is the highest category, “proven”, “demonstrated” or “conceptual”, which is the lowest.

Of the 300 different treatment configurations, which included mechanical biological treatment, incineration and gasification, 168 were classed as “proven” or “fully proven”. Juniper said this meant there were “plenty of credible technology providers from which a shortlist can be derived”.

However, the company added that to put this another way, “43% the processes being promoted as modern solutions for waste management have a more limited track record – and a quarter of these have not yet been operationally demonstrated”.

Juniper managing director Joe Schwager said:

“We are concerned that some project developers seem to be selecting inappropriate technology from companies with little or no track record.”

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