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A Web Directory for Landfill Gas Extraction Flaring and Energy from Waste

The Landfill Gas Directory provides a unique collection of Landfill Gas, Energy from waste links and articles for professionals, researchers and interested members of the public. Although focussed on United Kingdom.

Landfill Gas is a big contributor to greenhouse gases associated with global warming, if not flared and, if possible, utilised.

It causes odours and contributes to many of the complaints made by landfill neighbours.

Yet the collection and utilisation of Landfill Gas is a well established practise in many countries. Environmental nuisance is substantially reduced by such measures, and after combustion, greenhouse gas impact is vastly reduced

Many organisations and companies are active in this rapidly developing field.

The “Waster” at Waste Associates has created this web site to promote best practise in landfill gas by providing links and information on the subject.

Calling All Landfill Owners

If your landfill is producing methane gas and has been accepting at least 100,000 tonnes/annum of municipal waste for about 10 years, you may well have a landfill asset from which you will to be able to economically utilise the landfill gas.

In many developed countries you should have already installed landfill gas and collection systems in order to flare off your gas and reduce emissions to comply with local environmental regulations. Increasingly, nations are also developing payment incentives for the utilisation of non-fossil fuel renewable energy sources, so it is quite possible to implement highly profitable landfill gas utilisation (power generation) schemes. So, do obtain a landfill gas yield and economic assessment for your landfill site.

Contact details for LFG yield estimates from UK Consultants are provided at the web site Landfill-Gas.Com here.


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