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New York Landfill Island Goes Green and Applies for Wind Farm

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — For more than 50 years, Fresh Kills was known around the world as a rancid dump — a trash pile so big you could spot it from space. Now, in a dramatic reversal, portions of the former 2,200-acre landfill are looking to go squeaky clean, with construction of the first wind farm in New York City. The farm could deliver enough clean, renewable energy to power as many as 5,000 homes. While designers and officials can’t promise any immediate energy savings for Staten Islanders, the installation would represent a significant citywide commitment to cleaner, self-sustaining forms of energy — something that is widely perceived as crucial since sources of fossil fuels like oil and natural gas are rapidly depleting and coal, while plentiful, is dirty. “It is by far the best renewable project that is about to happen in New York City,” said Paul Curran, managing director of Patterson, N.Y.-based BQ Energy, which cost-shared the study with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

“This will be the most visible wind farm anywhere in the world, without question. And it’s a perfect place for it. It’s a place that’s going to produce renewable green energy in the future and we are very excited about moving forward with it.”

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