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Large Percentage of the US Public Fails to Recycle: New Survey

Nearly a quarter of Americans recycle absolutely nothing, according to survey results released this month.Harris Interactive Inc. polled 2,372 adults June 5-11 and found that 23 percent do not recycle a thing in their own home. Those in the East were most likely to recycle something, 88 percent, with the West closely behind at 86 percent. About 32 percent of those polled in the South said they recycle nothing, as did 30 percent of Midwesterners.

Three in 10 adults aged 18-30 did not recycle, while only 19 percent of those 62 and older responded that they recycled nothing. Reasons given for not recycling varied, including unavailable recycling service, too much effort and too costly. About 11 percent of the respondents said they did not recycle because they didn’t believe it made a difference. Read more…

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