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Last Chance to Book Your Seat on the Enviros Leachate Safari

The Enviros Leachate Safari takes place on Wednesday and Thursday of next week (27th and 28th June).

If any of you planned to join us, but have not yet booked there were just a few seats left this afternoon! Hurry, and you may still be lucky!!

The final itinerary is now also available at the Safari Web Site/Blog at:-

This is a rare opportunity to see 6 operating Envrios designed biological leachate treatment plants, and one methane stripping plant, and in most cases their operators will be present to show us around.

You will also see a leachate treatability trial in operation.

This opportunity is unlikely to be repeated for a few years. It was more than 5 years ago that Enviros held the last Safari.

There will be plenty of opportunities to exchange notes on the subject of leachate treatment on the coach as well with leachate treatment plant designers, operators, technicians, council waste officers, students, and even some UK Environment Agency staff present.

International safari attendees are also flying in from Sweden, Ireland and Spain for the tour.

The cost is just £225 plus VAT for two days, including a dinner on the first night.

Visit for more information. Download the Safari Leaflet for more information, and both Subscribe and Register your details online. (Advance payment is required.)

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