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Flame from Green Compost Container Kills Elderly Man

BRUSSELS – A spontaneous flame from a green box/compost container has cost the life of an 81-year-old man from the Flemish town of Hamme.

It is possible that explosive gases had built up in the green box/compost container. The flame caught fire on the man’s clothes, which then burned him.

"Next to the vegetables, fruit and garden waste, there were Pampers in the container. Maybe this had a reaction?" asks the daughter of the deceased Monday. "We cannot understand how it is possible. The green box/compost container was standing in the sun, but is that forbidden?" Telegraph Buitenland

Wasters Comment: Jan Gronow voiced concerns last Autumn in her paper to Waste 2006 (Stratford Upon Avon, UK) about the potential for anaerobic conditions in garden composters if used incorrectly, which now seems sadly prophetic.

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