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Recycling Row for World’s First “Zero Waste” City

The first city in the world to adopt a “zero waste” policy to stop sending waste to landfill is facing accusations of abandoning the principle.

Australia’s capital city Canberra first committed to stopping sending waste to landfill in December 1996, setting the target to be reached by 2010.

It has reported achieving a 75% recovery rate for waste during 2005/06, largely through a commingled recycling collection service.

 ‘Most jurisdictions now accept that there will always be a residual waste remaining even after the most stringent waste processing. ‘ – Christopher Horsey, ACT NoWaste

But amid a row over the awarding of a municipal recycling contract, the Australian Capital Territories (ACT) government has been accused of stepping back from its “NoWaste by 2010” strategy.

Campaigners pushing for a wider adoption of the zero waste philosophy around the world have become agitated at the move, which they believe was signaled by the removal of references to the NoWaste strategy from official stationary and signage of the Canberra government.

A representative of the ACT confirmed to that a review of waste targets and forward strategies was underway, but that it was merely the latest of a series of reviews scheduled to take place every three years under the NoWaste strategy.  More at Lets Recycle…

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