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New UK EA System Leads Way on Eliminating Household Waste

New software being pioneered by the Environment Agency will attempt to help waste managers assess the environmental risks posed by the various management methods of household waste.

WRATE (Waste and Resources Assessment Tool for the Environment), is designed to be a user-friendly tool helping to identify the life cycle impact of waste treatment options. It attempts to identify and quantify all the emissions from managing the waste—from the type of containers used, such as wheelie bins, right through to final recovery or disposal and including all the transport methods used to transfer the waste.

“We have to divert millions of tonnes of waste from landfill over the next few years. While we need to reduce the amount of waste we create in the first place, we must also ensure that we manage the waste we do produce in the most environmentally responsible way,” Environment Agency head of waste Liz Parkes said.

“WRATE will help those managing household waste, particularly local authorities, by comparing the potential environmental impacts such as global warming, acid rain or the nitrification of our rivers and how these impacts can be altered by changing the way they manage the waste. This could include the way it is collected, stored, sorted, transported and then recycled or disposed of.” More from the ICE web site. 

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