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Brown Announces Landfill Tax Rise to Boost Recycling in UK Budget

The Landfill Tax is to rise by £8 per tonne each year from April 2008, until “at least 2010/11”, Chancellor Gordon Brown announced today.

The rise in the annual increase in the Tax on active waste going to landfill – which currently stands at £21 per tonne and will rise to £24 per tonne next month – would see a level of £48 per tonne reached in the 2010/11 financial year.

‘To encourage recycling and to reduce landfill, the Landfill Tax will, from April next year to 2011; rise by £8 each year.’ – Gordon Brown

The lower rate of £2 per tonne for inactive waste going to landfill will rise to £2.50 from April 2008, while the Aggregates Levy on the extraction of virgin aggregates will rise to £1.95 per tonne.

Since 1997, the Landfill Tax has seen the quantities of waste sent to registered landfills falling from 96 million tonnes to around 72 million tonnes in 2005/06, the Budget report stated.

But the report warned that although the UK is “on track” to meet its waste diversion targets under the Landfill Directive, “subsequent targets in 2013 and 2020 remain challenging”.  Go to LetsRecycle for the rest of the article.

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