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UK Budget Misses Some Big Environmental Opportunities

An initial reading of yesterday’s budget suggests that although in some areas the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Brown has brought forward green taxation, there is nothing which specifically assists the introduction of waste technologies.

The rise in landfill tax is welcome as it will continue to make waste processing options look less expensive than they did when compared to landfill.

There was news which will bring encouragement to those involved in micro-generation where homeowners can export power to the electricity grid, and measures will ensure they receive a good price reflecting the efficiency savings which exist from generating power so close to the point of use, thus reducing distribution losses.

Grants for homeowners to install solar panels etc have been increased by 50%, but will still fall far short of demand.

Green Pressure groups are saying that a big opportunity lost was that of taxing incineration to disencourage its adoption, on the basis that burning wastes otherwise valuable materials.

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