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Buckinghamshire Drops Composting Firm After Odour Complaints

Buckinghamshire county council is to replace the operator of its flagship High Heavens composting facility, following prolonged odour problems at the site.

The county authority has revealed that Terra Eco – which is the composting arm of Thames Water – has agreed to hand over its 7-year contract to operate the High Wycombe site to Cambridge Recycling Services.

 Cambridge Recycling Services is taking over from Terra Eco Systems imminently as it was thought that they would be best placed to operate their own in-vessel equipment.

– Dale Anthony, Buckinghamshire CC The announcement came as one of a raft of improvements planned by Buckinghamshire, following months of complaints about smells from the 22,000 tonne-a-year kitchen and garden waste facility.

The odour problems not been helped by difficult weather conditions last summer and high levels of collected green waste requiring treatment.

But the council has decided on a change of contractor, and is also investing £850,000 in new in-vessel technology from new partner Cambridge Recycling Services, which it hopes will increase the facility’s 22,000 tonne-a-year composting capacity to 40,000 tonnes. This will be alongside a new enclosed maturation area and reception hall.

Speaking to yesterday, Dale Anthony, Buckinghamshire council’s operations team leader for waste management, confirmed: “There have been odour problems with the site.” See the full article at the Let’s Recycle web site.

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