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Enviros joins Alfred McAlpine plc

Enviros was acquired by Alfred McAlpine plc on 1 February 2007.

Alfred McAlpine is one of the fastest growing support services organisations in the UK. They develop, finance, design, build, manage and maintain the buildings and infrastructure that enable individuals and organisations across the UK and Ireland to go about their business. Enviros will be joining Alfred McAlpine Business Services, Alfred McAlpine’s fastest growing business stream which provides facilities management and associated services to many of the country’s leading organisations.

Since the acquisition of its Health and Safety business in 2003, Alfred McAlpine Business Services has had a strategic objective to expand its consultancy offering into the environmental sector and Enviros was its first choice because of its reputation and people.

Alfred McAlpine Business Services recognises that Enviros has a strong name within the market and it will continue to trade as a separate brand with the same management team

If you would like to know more about Alfred McAlpine please go to for Alfred McAlpine’s press release on the acquisition go to

For further information contact Nigel Clark, Marketing Director, Enviros Consulting

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