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The Waster Returns from this year’s Biggest UK Waste Management Event

Yes, it’s true, I have just returned from three days in Torbay, at Paignton’s waste manangement exhibition and conference, by the UK Chartered Institution of Waste Management.

This is the time of year when the waste industry take up most hotel accommodation in the bay and overuns the front in Paignton!

Good exhibition, although not quite as busy as some years. The conference was also on balance good and better than my recollection in previous years.

The weather was very kind and there was plenty of sunshine, especially today.

Apart from meeting many old friends, acquaintances and  many more new contacts .I received anaward, and had an article published in the CIWM Journal Edition for June, made available to all attendees. Not bad!

Here’s a copy of my Article about the deadline at the end of this month for ATEX Compliance.

Article of Safe Atmosphere Legislation Compliance for ATEX and the Waste Industry

Our ATEX and DSEAR Compliance Web Site


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