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Biofertiliser Certification Scheme Will Help Divert Organic Waste from Landfill

The UK Certification Scheme provides guarantee to customers, farmers, food producers and shops that is safe and of high quality. is the name adopted in the BCS for quality digestate which is the byproduct from a biogas plant that utilises anaerobic digestion to break down material left over from food and farm processes. By certifying the digestate against a stringent standard, plant operators can provide farmers with the required confidence that they can use it safely to irrigate on to their land. In this fashion they gain a valuable source of , .

Renewable Energy Assurance Ltd., a part of the clean energy organisation known as the , administers the Scheme, and has chosen 2 independent Certifying Bodies to appraise plants fairly against the standard.

A Panel with an independent Chair controls the Scheme and its rules, and makes sure that it’s working in the best interests of the users of biofertiliser, that it protects the and guarantees , animal and .

The Biofertiliser Certification scheme has been set up to provide guarantee to customers, farmers, food producers and shops that biofertiliser produced from anaerobic digestion processes is safe and of a high quality.

Biofertiliser is the name adopted for quality digestate materials produced when anaerobic digestion processes break down organic material left over from food and farm processes. By certifying the digestate materials produced by the AD process against a severe standard, plant operators can supply farmers with the mandatory confidence they have to use it safely to their land. In this fashion, farmers gain a valuable source of organic, carbon-free fertilizer.

The Quality Protocol element of the scheme effectively outlines what are sufficient inputs into the Anaerobic Digestion process, assesses if the input materials are treated in a production process that’s as per the PAS110 Standard, assesses whether the digestate produced is as per parameters laid down in the PAS110 standard and outlines the records that have to be generated and kept as proof of compliance to the conditions laid down in the protocol.

One of the primary needs of the protocol is to define when a waste material stops being a waste material and becomes a non-waste product.

A plant desiring to take part in making quality digestate must show conformity with the Quality Protocol and this is usually demonstrated by authentication by an authorized controlling body. ( In Britain and Wales this could be one of several. )

The PAS110 part of the scheme outlines the minimum conditions in which the input materials should be treated and sufficient parameter boundaries for items such pH and heavy metals. PAS is the short name for Publicly Available Standard, while 110 outlines which standard it complies with.

Visit the UK Biofertiliser web site for more information.

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