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DEFRA UK Publishes New Waste Design Guide

A new Design Guide titled; “Designing Facilities, a key guide to modern design in ”, has been produced by Enviros Consulting for , in partnership with the Commission for Architecture and the Built (CABE). This new document is expected to become a key reference document for professionals in the and possibly beyond.

It is aimed at both public and private sector waste practitioners and has received strong support to a high level in the Government. It delivers a strong message about UK policy, promoting , and reducing .

The covers a wide variety of waste facilities, from small community and sites such as compost units on estates, to larger sites such as facilities. The aim of the guidelines is to outline key , the design process, best practice in design and how best for waste professionals to consult the public.

Although the final decision for waste facilities will ultimately lie with the local authority this guidance should assist with providing the tools for both the public and private sector professionals to make the best decision at every stage in the design process.

For further information about the guidance or to obtain a free copy of the guide visit Defra’s website.

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