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New Pretreatment Rules for Landfilled Waste Prompt Shanks Recycling Push

Waste firm Shanks has invested in a new recycling service for smaller volumes of commercial and industrial waste, ahead of new pre-treatment regulations coming into effect in October.

The Small Volume Recycling Service will allow Shanks customers to put mixed recyclables, paper, plastic, card, tins cans and plastic bottles into specially labelled containers to be recycled.

The pre-treatment regulations form part of the UK’s Landfill Regulations 2002, and from October will require all waste to be subjected to some form of treatment before it goes to landfill.

Taking recyclable materials out of waste for recycling is one form of ‘treatment’ that will satisfy the new regulations.

Shanks warned that the new requirements of the Landfill Regulations would see the costs of compliance for waste producers rising. The company said it was investing “across all areas of our business” to implement the changes needed.

A spokesman for the company explained:

“New administration systems, processes and documentation will be required for auditing purposes. New recycling and treatment services are being introduced and a large amount of communication effort is then required to make customers aware of the changes and options available to them.”

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