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Green Party Slams Vista as a Landfill Nightmare

The UK Green Party has released the following Press Release:- 

Microsoft’s latest operating system, due for release tomorrow, is defective by design, putting Microsoft and the corporate media in control of your computer.

Beneath the gloss they have hidden traps that take away important consumer rights, force expensive and environmentally damaging hardware upgrades.

He continued, “Vista requires more expensive and energy-hungry hardware, passing the cost on to consumers and the environment. This will also further exclude the poor from the latest technology, and impose burdensome costs on small and medium businesses who will be forced to enter another expensive upgrade cycle.”

Consumers, businesses and government bodies should protect their interests by migrating to free software, rather than upgrading to Vista, says Wall. Full Press Release is on the Green Party web site.

The Waster wonders whether they have heard of the WEEE Directive!?

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