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Canadian Waste to Energy Incinerator – Contaminated Ash Criticised

Pollution from Waste-to-Energy Incinerator:

The environmental impact of waste-to-energy technology outweighs the benefits when it comes to a proposed garbage incinerator in Greater Vancouver, according to a leading pollution researcher. The new trash incinerator would be 80 per cent larger than the existing garbage burning facility in Burnaby. 

The primary concern is the contaminants in the ash that will go to landfill.

Easton says one of the more promising options before the GVRD is a different type of incineration known as gasification.

He said it’s better than conventional burners because it uses two stages -one at a lower temperature without oxygen that extracts gases and allows better recovery of metals and a second high temperature burn that is more effective in eliminating contaminants.

“That’s my favourite, strictly from a toxicological perspective,” Easton said, adding the ash can be used as filler for asphalt or concrete.

More… (For information about Waste Technologies such as gasification see )


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