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Late rush for ATEX Directive Compliance in the Waste Management Industry

We are experiencing a late rush for ATEX and DSEAR compliance within the waste industry.  This is surprising as implementation has been phased over more than 5 years, giving plenty of time for industry tp prepare, culminating in final full implementation in only 2 weeks time.

We have been advertising our ATEX and DSEAR compliance service to owners and operators of landfills since December, on the internet and in trade magazines.

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Enviros Consulting Atex and Dsear cxompliance advertisement


However, in the last two weeks we have been asked to provide proposals for about 50 landfill sites, each needing an ATEX/DSEAR risk assessment and review, and provision of the necessary explosion protection documents, plus site manager trainig, and provision of zoning drawings, recommendations on zone labelling and signs etc. 

Probably the main reason has been the slowness in which the waste industry has been writing and publishing the industry guidance (ICoPs – Industry Codes of Practices). But, also there has been a lack of publicity to raise awareness.

Find out more at these web sites:- – ATEX & DSEAR HELP SITE – Enviros supported ATEX & DSEAR compliance web site with compliance information links and resources.


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